Extended Holiday Park Tour: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

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This carriage ride is around 4 miles and includes the Exclusive Number 4, the big loop, and the South End Quadrant (Central Park South to the Lake, just north of Terrace Drive). Also includes the views from the small loop such as Balto's statue, Rumsey Playfield (Summer Stage), Conservatory Water, the Bandshell, Bethesda Terrace and Fountain, CHERRY HILL, the Lake, STRAWBERRY FIELDS, and exits the park through 72nd Street, passing through Central Central Park West, sightseeing the Dakota (John Lennon's House), the New York Historical Society, and some celebrity houses, extending out to 77th Street past the MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY, includes small loop and ends at 5th Avenue or 7th Avenue south east of Central Park.